Sunday, October 6, 2013

Libby Update

This post will be totally random, but we felt the need to update our friends and family who pray for Libby and us daily!

*Libby has started school. She's doing much better now, but the transition hasn't been as easy as we had hoped. She's such a trooper though!

*Libby had a great checkup at the pediatrician. She's chunking up and growing BIG TIME! We've zoomed through 2 sizes in clothing already!

*The orthopedic doctor at Emory, Dr. Bruce, is amazing. Libby has prescriptions for new braces and a gait trainer! She'll also be having botox injections in her left arm and leg with casting to follow. We're praying the weeks she's in the casts are not as hard as we're thinking. HAHA Dr. Bruce sees Libby making GREAT progress!

*We also really liked Dr. Peterson, Libby's pediatric ophthalmologist. We're currently doing patch therapy to strengthen the muscles in her left eye. Y'all, she's AMAZING! The first day was no fun patching, but she gets mad when it's time to take the patch off! HAHA She's also getting glasses this week. She kept picking up the pink frames so I let her go with it! I was leaning toward the clearish frames, but the girly girl in me was THRILLED when Libby loved the pink! We're praying the glasses help her out a ton and that she keeps them on.

*Speech, OT, and PT are WONDERFUL! We're so thankful for the help Libby is getting with the amazing therapists that she sees! We can see growth already!

*Tubes will go in her ears the day before Halloween, and we're eager to see the change in her once she can hear better. It's not going to be fun to have our baby put to sleep though. :/

*In November, Libby will have an MRI to make sure everything is okay and to get a baseline. Another time she'll be put to sleep so please help us pray that all goes well.

*Tuesday, WE FINIALIZE LIBBY'S ADOPTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She'll officially be a Leonard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*Libby is getting better with her peers and not being as aggressive. She's still learning, but we're so proud of how far she's come. Hey, she's feisty like her mommy. Just ask my cousins and Timmy. ;)

*We're so thankful that God has chosen us to be Libby's parents. Please continue to pray for Libby and for us as we've got a lot going on. :)

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